Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant and Bar

We have wandered past this place before but on Friday we finally decided to go in and see it for ourselves. We have often seen a fairly long line of people waiting outside so we figured there must be something to it. I think I was expecting a bit of a haunted house feel where they served food and drinks. I was a little disappointed. It started out with a mysterious feel with actors setting the scene. The first two characters we encountered were enthusiastic and welcoming. The hostess was less into the role. The decor was appropriately creepy, which canceled out the lack of energy from the hostess. There was a bit of confusion about where we were instructed to sit and once we arrived at the designated floor there wasn’t anyone there to greet us. That broke the mood a bit.

Once we were seated we had a chance to look around. They have spend a great deal of time and energy placing interactive characters on each of the 4 floors. I think the ideal customers would be 8 year olds and groups of people consuming large quantities of alcohol or at least celebrating an event. The food was fine but nothing outstanding. The service was also reasonable…I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better.

While the concept is a cool one, it just wasn’t as entertaining as I had hoped. On the other hand, you could go back several times and sit on a different floor and have a different experience. I don’t think it would the first place I would recommend but not the last either.

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